Burning Mud Pottery & Gallery is owned by Art & Louise Wilt. 

Art is a master potter who has honed his craft over the past 40 years. All of our pottery is hand thrown and made on site in our studio.

We also showcase beautiful watercolor paintings featuring Vermont landscapes and flora & fauna by Barbara Tanck. 

About Art Wilt:

Art discovered his love for pottery at the age of thirteen while attending Bricker Ward Preparatory School in Lake Chapala, Mexico. Since that introduction his craft, Art has traveled the world honing his techniques.

While living in Australia, Art set up his own studio while working with Beachmont Pottery, where he refined his Raku processes. His work was in demand in several of the most renowned galleries, including the Ocean Gallery on the Gold Coast, the Niecon Tower Gallery in Broadbeach, and was sought after by several exclusive interior designers.

After leaving Australia, Art returned back to his home in Southern California and created a pottery cooperative with several associates in the coastal area of North County, California. During this period, Art refined his burnished pit-firing processes. His work appeared in many of the signature galleries in Northern and Southern California.

Always a traveler, Art then went to Sedona, Arizona, where he discovered his affinity to the Navaho, Hopi and Anasazzi ancient Native American techniques of pottery making.

After a four year sabbatical in the Virgin Islands, Art and his wife, Louise, have built their new studio, gallery and home in the Green Mountains of Vermont, overlooking a magnificent waterfall on the Dog River.

Forty years later, Art is still inspired by the beauty of nature to explore new processes and techniques in his craft. This can be seen in the diversity of his work. Presently, he is producing the much sought after high-fired reduction copper reds, along with multi-processing high-fired reduction glazes, and fuming techniques known as Kosai Ware.


2266 Carrie Howe Road

Roxbury, VT 05669


Mon - Sat: 10:00AM - 6PM

Sun: 11:00AM - 6PM

By Appointment: 802-485-9079